Spun Silk Web Design specializing in classically designed, soft and inviting content.

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Spun Silk Web Design specializing in classically designed, soft and inviting content.

Why Spun Silk...?
Well, in reply to that, I could very easily paraphrase Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz...

"Lions, and Tigers, and Bears...Oh My...
Spiders, and Webs and Silks...Oh My"

I could do so and probably get away with it. After all, the Internet is in many ways, not unlike the mythical Land of Oz, a strange and wondrous place filled with strange and wondrous sights...a place of beauty and adventure where good and evil abide. A place where chaos occasionally reigns supreme, and hopefully a place from which we all return safely and somewhat wiser for the experience. Yes, I surely could paraphrase Dorothy, but that was not what I had in mind when I decided upon Spun Silk as the name for my company.

So, if not because spiders, webs and silks all seem to fit together, or because of any nebulous parallels between Oz and the Internet, then why Spun Silk? The answer is really quite simple. Silk, (and spider silk in particular) despite it's beautiful, delicate, often artistic appearance is the strongest natural fiber known....and like silk, Spun Silk Web Design offers you a distinctive combination of functional beauty and strength.

My name is Teresa Thomas Bohannon and I opened Spun Silk Web Design for business in 1995. My resume contains a successful work history of award winning sales, marketing and promotion, and features a substantial thread of professional presentations in a variety of media. In addition, I have my MA and PHR, I am a published author of both fiction and nonfiction stories and articles, and the former contributing board member, referee, and copyeditor of an internationally distributed professional journal.

As owner and chief designer for Spun Silk, I have developed an extensive library of borders, backgrounds, fonts, images and templates... many of which are my own original creations unavailable anywhere else on the Web. Furthermore, I offer an absolute delight in the custom creation and design of web sites, intensive daily study of internet marketing techniques, and the proud fact that Spun Silk has never had a dissatisfied customer. You can easily entrust your web design, marketing, content, domain, or hosting needs elsewhere, but you have my personal guarantee that you will not find anyone willing to work more joyfully, or more willing to treat your business interests with utmost importance.

In addition to that plain and simple fact, we offer a full line of complete services including custom designs, templates, domains, hosting and even do-it-yourself (or we'll do it for you) turnkey businesses, and all from a long-established name you can trust! So there you have it, hiring Spun Silk gives you all the advantages of adding a Professional Writer, Trained Researcher, Award Winning Salesperson, Webmaster and Internet Marketing Consultant with eleven years of experience to your staff...without adding the expense of a single employee to your weekly payroll, OR trusting your good name to some here-today, gone-tomorrow, fly-by-night, dust-in-the-wind 1-800-cable-tv-infomercial-take-your-money-and-run shell game operation!

The decision is yours, and whatever you decide, I wish you the best of luck and sincerely welcome you to this wondrous place. I hope you learn to love it as much as I do; and, of course, that you find your way safely home again.

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At Spun Silk Web Design We're Proud To Say...
"We've Never Had A Dissatisfied Customer!"

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